Ken Kenetic | Emory Douglass MasterClass by Showroom MAMA
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Emory Douglass MasterClass by Showroom MAMA

It was a real honour to be selected for this masterclass.

In the Emory Douglass masterclass the process was central: collaboration, learning, and (to) inspire. There is also a public result under (I Can) Feel the Pulse getting posters made during the masterclass and spreading them true out Rotterdam. In addition, participants will be working on images and text for the (digital) (I Can) Feel the Pulse publication

Emory Douglas (USA, 1943) was on the front in developing the striking face of the Black Panther Party (BPP) in the 60s and 70s. From 1967 to the end of the BPP in the 80s Douglas also was their Minister of Culture. His bold powerful imagery greatly contributed to the emancipatory contribution of BPP to the black community in the USA that was weighed down by poverty, police brutality, and poor living conditions. As a symbol of the social unrest of the time his illustrated images inimitably followed the Black Panther Party, the weekly newspaper of the BPP, but also party pamphlets and posters, in addition to independent work. Characteristic of his work are the thick, black lines, collage techniques and combinations of color and texture.

Check out some process images: