Ken Kenetic | Collaborative Bomber Jacket
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Collaborative Bomber Jacket

For a collaborative project with French brand New Designers, Rotterdam based lifestyle store X21 asked me to create some patches for a bomber jacket. I made several small badges for the front, sleeve and a big back piece. For all small patches I used inspiration from street, gang and biker badges.
The roach is a symbol that comes from the streets. In remembrance of the city surviving the bombardements by the Germans during WWII.
Rotterdam is indestructible and can survive everything even bombs just like roaches.
The big piece on the back was inspired by the Napoleonic coat of arms of Rotterdam during the time we were occupied by the French. Merged with Rotterdam’s existing one and adding several pieces of what Rotterdam is known for. The Docks, the ocean, brawling and the streets.
I also added some words beneath

Most people stand on the docks, waiting for their ship to come in.
When deep inside they know, they have never left port.

Making it a timeless piece serving it’s purpose by celebrating this Rotterdam, Paris collaboration.
Although both parties didn’t come to an agreement on the financial side of the production I still hope I can get that backpiece made