Ken Kenetic | About Me
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I am Ken Kenetic

A designer who wants to achieve good design must not regard himself as an artist who,
according to taste and aesthetics, is merely dressing-up products with a lastminute garment.
The designer must be the gestaltingenieur or creative engineer.
They synthesise the completed product from the various elements that make up its design.
Their work is largely rational, meaning that aesthetic decisions are justified by an understanding of the product’s purpose.

I love design. It’s m y hobby, my work and my life. Working with like minded people and creating epic designs, features or applications is what drives me.
I’m inspired by Anime, Literature, History, Movies, Animations, Documentaries Photography, Poetry, Culture, Traditions, Analog Art, Industrial Design,and Architecture.
In my spare time I B-boy, love to eat, read books, do calisthenics or some projects with friends.

I live my life trying not to be concerned with restrictions. I always try to take the next step in improving myself on every level.
Logo’s posters, animation, video, photography  and anything I can think up is intertwined with a conceptual sense of viewing the world.
Always trying new styles and creating new concepts is what I do.

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